Fireball challenge: 6 wins in a row (deck, tactic tips, reward)

Fireball challenge

The Fireball challenge has started in Clash Royale! As in every special challenge, there is only one free attempt to get six victories and gather the highest reward that consists of 20 Fireball cards, 590 of gold and chest with 23 other cards. In the current event, I’ve managed to get a six victories in a row with no losses… And here is written how… Continue reading

Great all skeleton tactic: “Skeleton party”!

Skeleton party tactic

“Meet Larry and his friends Harry, Gerry, Terry, Mary, etc.”(c) Very funny and suitable description of Skeleton Army card from SuperCell devs team! As commonly known this card turns into small army that consists of 14 brave small skeleton. And as a rule, almost every Clash Royale player has this card in his deck because these brave small funny guys are good in defense against… Continue reading

Arena 8: the best Golem deck!

A huge, durable stone creature that slowly moving to its target and don’t pay any attention to the enemies that are trying to stop him! Yes,  that words were about Golem – one of the most powerful epic card in Clash Royale to date that unlocks and becomes available after promotion to Arena 6 Builder’s Workshop. The devs endowed this character with a huge stock… Continue reading

Clone or Rage?

Clone Or Rage

Clone and Rage are spell type cards in Clash Royale that are focused on increasing of the attack power of the already placed on Arena troops. I’m sure that to have at least one of these cards in one of three available battle decks is necessary! Their cost is low (3 drops of elixir costs Clone and only 2 – Rage) but the benefit is… Continue reading

Valkyrie or Mini P.E.K.K.A?

I think that it will not be a discovery for anyone that together these two units make a very powerful attacking combination on the first two arenas of Clash Royale. Both of them has a big stock of health, not bad damage power and almost the same speed of movement.The Valkyrie is great in tough melee, and she is capable to eliminate a bunch of… Continue reading