Arena 6: the best deck ever (no legendary cards)!

Arena 6
Are you stuck on Arena 6 and can’t promote higher? Don’t know how to build an unbeatable deck for Arena 6 without legendary cards in it in Clash Royale? Don’t despair! Read this post, collect the deck like mine is and you will succeed! I promise! Don’t believe me? Judge for yourself, I’m 6 level player only but I play on the 7th Arena (and quite successful)!

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So let’s to start… Builder’s Workshop is the sixth Arena in Clash Royale! Promotion to this Arena requires 1700+ of trophies. As a rule, every player has more than 40 different cards in his disposition on this stage of the Game what is more than enough to built a decent deck! According to my observation, many players choose P.E.K.K.A or Hog Rider as a key card in their decks on this stage of Clash Royale. But not me. I decided to make an accent on conjunction of Giant and Balloon, and wasn’t mistaken! Here’s my best deck for Builder’s Workshop (with no legendary cards):

The best deck for arena 6 ever

Now more details about the deck:

  1. Giant and Balloon. Two attack oriented cards in Clash Royale the characters of which attack only buildings! Very effective combination because Giant distracts attention of opponents troops onto yourself that gives more time for Balloon.
  2. Valkyrie and Wizard. The cards are very useful both in defense and in attack. Wizard is able to eliminate quickly the Minion Horde or Skeleton Army (as a rule, with these cards try to stop Giant the most often). Valkyrie due to her high hitpoints can be used with Balloon instead of Giant (in some cases).
  3. Baby Dragon. The main role is to cover Balloon and Giant during their way to the Towers. Baby Dragon is very good against Minions also.
  4. Archers and Skeleton Army. Cards that are selected for defense purpose only.
  5. Zap. Very useful cheap card in Clash Royale! Easily saves the giant from annoying skeletons or goblins! Sometimes with the help of Zap we can to destroy a low-health-lefted tower.

A few words about the tactic…

Giant and Balloon is very strong combination. However, there can be moments in the game when they aren’t able to get close to the tower together due to the dense enemy defense. In such cases, I recommend you to use such trick:

  1. Wait until your stock of elixir will be full (if it’s possible)
  2. Put Giant at the lowest part of battlefield near the King’s Tower and let him go alone. While he reaches the bridge, you will already have 10 drops of elixir again…
  3. Throw onto arena any other cheap troops just behind the giant near the bridge. This will make your opponent think that this flank is chosen for attack and he will start to put own cards for defense there.
  4. After the opponent has put two and more cards against your Giant, release Balloon on the other flank! As a rule opponent has no enough of elixir to stop it because he is busy with the Giant!

Such tactic trick works in 80% of cases.

Lastly a short video with attacks by such beck on 7 and 6 Arenas. Please, pay attention on my opponents level (their level is 1,2 or even 3 level higher than mine):

Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Arena 6: the best deck ever (no legendary cards)!

  1. This is the best deck thank you so much flower I got 20069 trophys because of you I stuck in arena 6 and I lose 500 trophys I see your deck and now I am in royal arena and 20069 trophys thank you if anybody read this I suggest this is the best deck in the world for arena 6 player I love thanks again

  2. My best deck right now at arena 6

    baby dragon
    mini pekka
    mega minion
    goblin barrel
    giant skeleton
    skeleton army

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