Giant – the main card on the first Arenas!

GiantGiant – one of the rare cards in Clash Royale, which unlocks on the Training Camp stage. A distinctive feature of this unit is that he doesn’t engage in combat with enemy troops and attacks only buildings (including that ones, which are placed by opponent with the help of cards)! A huge stock of health (hitpoints) turns Giant into a powerful battering ram! Taking into account all features of this “big guy”, I strongly recommend to build all attacking strategy on the first arenas around him!

That was exactly what I did and it brought me dividends, because from the Arena 1 “Goblin Stadium” I’ve promoted to the Arena 2 “Bone Pit” for 17 battles only, of which I won 15 and lost only 2! The deck I’ve used you can find here.

To use Giant to attack alone is an extremely bad idea! Even despite his huge Hitpoints, he can be eliminated relatively quickly with such cards as Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A. or Skeleton Army, which are also available on the early stages of Clash Royale. Therefore, in the wake of him, we need to “throw” onto arena some other units that can protect him by attacking enemy’s troops. In such case, while the Giant will be on his way to the tower, other units will be covered by his back and will be able to attack the enemy relatively freely. As for me, for “big-boy” protection I’ve been used Bomber, Archers and Musketeer. Also great for this purpose Witch and Baby Dragon, but I didn’t have these cards.

Thus, releasing the Giant to arena with group of other units behind him, we create a powerful fist that is able to destroy at least one enemy tower!

On the picture below you can see a correct position of attacking group with Giant on the arena.

Giant in attack

Note: the video of this attack you can find at the end of this post.

Promotion to the second arena “Bone Pit” unlocks a very powerful epic card – Balloon! Character that appears on the arena from this card, as well as Giant, attacks only buildings, but moves in the air! If you have two these cards, you can create a very powerful combo “Giant and Baloon”! Just try it – and you will be pleasantly surprised of it power!


It may seems strange, but in Clash Royale the Giant sometimes is very useful in defense! If a horde of enemies is coming close to the tower you can put a “big boy” before them! Just believe me it’s much better than throw onto arena a Mini P.E.K.K.A. or Muskuteer because they will be smashed by attacking crowd in a second! But Giant with his huge hitpoints will gather all horde around him and give an extra time for towers and for gathering elixir. I have had such situation several times and in every case, such trick helped me to repulse an attack.

Moment when Giant saves Tower, you can see on the picture below:

Giant in defense


Every player in Clash Royale have an opportunity to join a clan and take part in a Clan Battles which are available one time per two weeks. Is Giant good in Clan Battles? Definitely yes! Low cost (onle 5 units of elixir), huge hitpoints and good damage power turns Giant into a very useful character in a Clam Battles! Especially he’s good in pair with Three Musketeers (video example is below). Tactic is the same – Giant goes first and musketeers behind!

Now I want to show you a short video, where you can see how to use Giant in attack and defense and how good he is in Clan Battles:

That’s all! Good luck and victories on the Clash Royale arenas!

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