How to reach Arena 9, being only a 7 level player (deck and tactic tips)…

Arena 9The more trophies – the higher arena. The higher arena – the faster development (bigger reward for victories and more cards in daily chests). It were axioms of Clash Royale. Thus, there is a direct interest in faster promotion from Arena to Arena. In this post, I’ll describe how I managed to earn more than 2.6k trophies and reach the ninth Arena, being only 7 level player.

Note:If this achievement seems insignificant and easy to someone, just recall, how many players of level 7 you have met on the 9th Arena?

Here below are the screenshots of my stats from the Game (with number of trophies, my deck and the cards level) in confirmation of my words:

Follower's statistics 1 Follower's statistics 2

There are two things that helped me to reach Jungle Arena as a player of the 7 level:

  1. Correctly formed battle deck.
  2. Timely and proper use of cards according to their characteristics.

Now, more detailed about each of the items…

The best deck for Arena 8 (Giant+Balloon)

Correctly formed battle deck is a half of success. On the picture below you can see my battle deck, with which I have successfully passed through the arenas 7 and 8:

Arena 8 best Giant and Balloon deck

Now, a little more detailed about the cards in deck:

  1. Giant and Balloon. These are two main cards in the deck. The combination of these two characters is very powerful and can easily destroy at least one enemy tower. The Giant draws enemy attention while the Balloon attacks tower – this is the main idea of such combo.
  2. Wizard. The main task of this character is to support Giant and Balloon in attack. Due to his ability to cause an area damage he’s good against swarms of units with low hitpoints (Skeleton Army, Minions, Goblins, etc.), with the help of which try to stop the Giant as a rule. The wiz is very good in defense also…
  3. Valkyrie. This character is useful both in attack and in defense. With the help of Valkyrie we can easy eliminate enemy Wizard, Witch and other ground troops with low and moderate hitpoints. In attack, the Valkyrie can replace Giant.
  4. Baby Dragon. The main task is to support Giant or Balloon (or both of them) in attack. Is better in this than Minions due to higher hitpoints.
  5. Skeleton Army. This card selected into the deck for the defense purpose mainly (as a defense tool against such cards as Prince, P.E.K.K.K.A, Giant, Golem, Hog Rider, etc.).
  6. Zap. Very good, useful and cheap card in Clash Royal (costs only two drops of elixir). With the help of Zap we can easily eliminate Skeleton Army, Goblins, etc. Sometime with the help of Zap we can finish off a tower with the low health.

Tactic tips for the battle


A few tactic tips that help me to get victories over a higher level players (the most players on the Arenas 8 and 9 have 8,9 or 10 level):

  1. We have two cards in the deck that attack only buildings. And its commonly known that combination of these two cards is very powerful. However, sometimes it’s better to use both of them simultaneously but on the different flanks! For example, drop the giant on the lowest part of arena near the King’s Tower (it consumes 5 drops of elixir from 10). Until he reaches the bridge, we will have full stock of elixir again. Near the bridge, drop on the arena the wizard (or some other unit) behind the Giant. Two powerful cards on the same flank will force opponent to deploy own cards for defense… And in the moment when opponent has deployed two or more cards – throw the Balloon on the other flank. As a rule, such trick is a surprise for the opponent and works great.
  2. If opponent has Inferno Tower in his deck – deploy Giant and Balloon only in pair with Electro-Wizard. This character is a cool Inferno Tower and Inferno Dragon cooler.
  3. Don’t send Giant (or Balloon) in attack alone without any support. In such case, they will be eliminated relatively quickly. The exception is combination of these two cards…

  4. Try don’t deploy troops onto arena using last drops of elixir. For example, if you are going to deploy the wizard – wait until you gather at least 7 drops. Otherwise, you can get an enemy attack from the other flank by such fast troops as Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians, etc. The exception is the last minute of the battle…
  5. There are no tank killer card in this deck (I mean buildings such as Inferno Tower, Tesla, etc.). Thus, if opponent has Prince, P.E.K.K.A or other such type card in his deck I recommend don’t use Giant in attack and keep it for defense. For example, if to deploy Giant in front of the rushing Prince, he will switches from the tower to the giant and follow him back to the own part of Arena. Such trick gives an extra time for elixir collecting and time for towers to eliminate the danger.

That’s all.

Lastly a short video of my first battle on the Arena 9 as a player of 7 level:

Good luck!
See you on Clash Royale arenas!

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