New legendary card and balance change are coming!


New balance change is coming! It was confirmed by devs team in Reddit social network. It’s certainly known that balance change will be made in February!


It’s not known which cards and how many of them would be changed, but according to confirmed information we will know it within the last 24 hours! I dare to suggest that this time they will nerf Mega Knight and Spear Goblins… In any case, we will know it very soon!

Another news is that at least one new LEGENDARY card will be implemented into the game with the next Clash Royale update! The leaked image of this troop is discussing by many players in forums and social networks.

New card character image

Judging by image it will be a kind of prototype of the comic book hero Green Arrow! But what characteristics will have this new troop is still a mystery.

Also, according to the rumors, Super Cell will launch a special challenge very soon, in which players would be able to win new card before it official release!

That’s all!
Good luck!

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