Sudden death challenge: win deck and tips

Sudden death challenge

Sudden death challenge is type of Clash Royale challenges in which battles continue until first destroyed tower! In other words, the player who first destroyed any of opponent’s tower win the battle! A distinctive feature of Sudden death challenge is that elixir recovery speed is doubled during the whole battle (just like in the last minute of common gameplay battle). In this post, I’ll share… Continue reading

Triple Elixir Challenge: win deck and tips!

Triple elixir challenge

Triple elixir challenge is my favorite challenge in Clash Royale because there is no need to think about elixir economy in this challenge (it recovers three time faster than usual). As a rule, I always manage to pass this challenge successfully and win necessary amount of battles to get maximal reward. In this post, I’ll share my win deck for triple elixir challenge and write… Continue reading

2v2 challenge: win deck and tips.

2v2 challenge

The next special challenge has started this weekend in Clash Royale! This time this is 2v2 challenge, the reward for successful passing of which consists of 13,100 of gold (total amount for the rewards for determined quantity of wins, quest and victory chest) and 75 cards (20 rares, 5 epics and 50 from victory chest). In this 2v2 challenge, the level of cards reduces to… Continue reading

Megaminion Challenge – easy win: 6-0 (best deck and tactic tips)

Megaminion Challenge

Another short thematic challenge (up to 6 victories) has started in Clash Royale! This time the challenge is devoted to Megaminion card. The main prize of tournament consists of 30 Megaminion cards and chest with gold and 23 cards in it.  In this article, I’ll tell how to get 6 victories in this short challenge and win the main prize! Continue reading

Knight Challenge: 6-1 (unbeatable deck and tactic tips)

Knight challenge

Today the next thematic challenge has started in Clash Royale! This time the challenge is dedicated to the Knight (Knight Challenge). To win the challenge player needs to get 6 victories with no more than 2 defeats. In this post, I’ll describe how to successfully pass through the challenge and get the main reward, which consist of chest with 23 cards plus 300 Knight cards. Continue reading