Megaminion Challenge – easy win: 6-0 (best deck and tactic tips)

Megaminion Challenge

Another short thematic challenge (up to 6 victories) has started in Clash Royale! This time the challenge is devoted to Megaminion card. The main prize of tournament consists of 30 Megaminion cards and chest with gold and 23 cards in it.  In this article, I’ll tell how to get 6 victories in this short challenge and win the main prize! Continue reading

Knight Challenge: 6-1 (unbeatable deck and tactic tips)

Knight challenge

Today the next thematic challenge has started in Clash Royale! This time the challenge is dedicated to the Knight (Knight Challenge). To win the challenge player needs to get 6 victories with no more than 2 defeats. In this post, I’ll describe how to successfully pass through the challenge and get the main reward, which consist of chest with 23 cards plus 300 Knight cards. Continue reading

Golem and Inferno Dragon – an unstoppable deck!

Golem and Inferno Dragon deck

Short thematic challenges (up to six victories) that periodically take place in Clash Royale is a very good opportunity to try all cards available in the game. Frankly speaking, I try to use this ability every time. Accordingly, I start every such new challenge with a new deck that has at least one card I’ve not found yet in common game. During the last such… Continue reading

Fireball challenge: 6 wins in a row (deck, tactic tips, reward)

Fireball challenge

The Fireball challenge has started in Clash Royale! As in every special challenge, there is only one free attempt to get six victories and gather the highest reward that consists of 20 Fireball cards, 590 of gold and chest with 23 other cards. In the current event, I’ve managed to get a six victories in a row with no losses… And here is written how… Continue reading