About the card…

Skeletons is one of the cheapest cards in Clash Royale (it costs only 2 drops of elixir). This card turns into three small skeletons with swords that boldly go into battle despite their very low hitpoints level. This card unlocks and becomes available on the second Arena (Bone Pit). Information about the speed of movement, attacking speed and range of attack are on the table below:


Like all other common cards Skeletons has 13 levels. Each upgrade increases its hitpoints and damage power:

Skeletons characteristics upgrade

When we need it…

Due to lack of hitpoints, Skeletons are almost not suitable for attacks. From the other side, due to very low cost they can be very useful in defense. As a rule they are used to divert attention of single-targeting and high-hitpoints units (Prince, P.E.K.K.A., Giant Skeleton, etc.). Therefore, if the opponent put Prince or P.E.K.K.A against you onto arena, and you don’t have enough of elixir to defend yourself with some serious card – just throw these three guys onto arena and they would win several seconds for you! 🙂

It’s advisable to use: against ground-moving and single-targeting characters such as Mini P.E.K.K.A., Prince, Knight, Giant, etc. For example, three skeletons are able to hold Mini P.E.K.K.A for more than 5 seconds due to its low attacking speed!

It is not advisable to use: against all air-moving characters, against characters that are able to attack group targets and against units that attack from the distance (Wizard, Witch, Archers).  For example if to put skeletons against the moving Wizard, they would be destroyed before their landing onto arena.

Tactic tips…

Despite skeletons aren’t able to withstand alone against such cards as Wizard or Witch, there are moments when they can be a significant help in battle. Examples:

  1. If opponent’s Wizard is attacking your tower or other unit – you can throw skeletons and they would destroy him, because Wizard doesn’t switch to another targets until he destroys previous!
  2. If Giant Skeleton or Prince is approaching your tower, pose skeletons aside their way. Such action would force enemy to turn and move towards the skeletons what gives more time for the towers for firing in the enemy!

Interesting facts…

  1. The damage power of Skeletons is equal to their health.
  2. This is the only card that isn’t capable to cause any damage to the tower in one-on-one standing.