Probability of getting legendary card in Clash Royale

Probability of getting legendary card

Legendary cards are the rarest and the most desirable class of cards in Clash Royale! Due to good characteristics of legendary characters, these cards are highly valued by almost all players! Given to their high rarity it’s almost impossible to get legendary card from common chests (I mean silver and gold ones)… but if it happens – it’s more an exception than a rule. In… Continue reading

How to win in Clash Royale. Advices for Newcomers

How to win in Clash Royale

The more trophies you have – the higher is arena/league where you play! As a rule, all Clash Royale players try to collect as many trophies as possible and play on higher arenas/leagues. And this is understandable, since the chests on higher arenas contain more cards and gold which is necessary for cards upgrading. Basically, this post is three important advices for newcomers, which, I’m… Continue reading