Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins
About the card…

Spear Goblins is one of the common cards in Clash Royale that costs 2 drops of elixir only. After getting onto arena this card turns into three fast, armed with spears goblins who bravely go into a battle! The Spear goblin card unlocks on the first arena in the game – Goblin Stadium. Information about goblins’ speed of movement, sped of attack, deploying time and range of fire are below:

Spear-goblins characteristics

Like all other common cards in Clash Royale, Spear Goblins has 13 levels. Each upgrade increases its health and damage power.

Spear Goblins characteristics upgrade

When we need it…

Due to low hitpoints the spear goblins are practically not suitable for use them alone (as in defense so in attack) as they will be eliminated quickly. Nevertheless, they can be very useful both in defense and in attack if to use them in pair with other character that has more health (or in pair with Tower, if to talk about defense).

It’s advisable to use:

– Against ground-moving and single-targeting characters such as Prince, Knight, P.E.K.K.A , Golem, etc. For example, three goblins are able to hold a Mini P.E.K.K.A for at least 5 seconds due to its low attacking speed.

– Against flying characters who are buildings oriented such as Lava Hound, Balloon, etc. (the exception is Inferno Dragon because Spear goblins are effective against it).

It’s not advisable to use:

Spear Goblins is useless if to use them alone against units that are able to attack group targets (Witch, Wizard, Dark Knight, etc.). For example, if to throw them into arena with the aim to stop Wizard – they would be destroyed before enter the battle.


– low cost (2 drops of elixir only);
– speed of movement;
– speed of attack/


– low hitpoints (it’s easy to eliminate goblins with any spell card);
– very low damage power.

Tactic tips…

Despite Spear goblins aren’t able to provide a serious resistance against powerful cards, there are cases when they can provide a significant assistance both in attack and defense! Examples:

1. If Prince or Dark Knight is rushing to your Tower, pose the goblins aside his way. Such action would force enemy to change his target, turn and move toward the goblins. In many cases, such trick helps to save Tower from unnecessary damage.

2. If your Tower is under attack, you can place goblins a little bit aside from the tower. In such position, they will be able to attack enemy being under cover of a tower.

3. If enemy tower’s remaining health are low, you can send Spear Goblins to destroy it. In mostly cases, they can do it easy due to their high speed of movement and attack.

Interesting facts…

This card has the lowest damage power among the all Clash Royale cards (only 56 per second on the max 13 lvl).