Executioner and Witch: balance changes reverting!!!

Supercell announced another changes to Witch and Executioner. They are reverting Executioner to its previous stats and returning area damage to Witch with some other changes.

Frankly speaking, last changes of those two cards where absolutely embarrasing, because Executioner became very overpowered, whilst Witch turned into absolutely weak troop.

So, what exactly are changing:

Reverting the September rework
Hitpoints: +5%
Hit Speed: +4%
Range: Increased (4 – 5 > 4.5 – 6.5)
Projectile Radius: +25% (800 -> 1000)
Damage: -45%

As we can see, this card becomes the same as before September Balance changes…

Added Area Damage to attacks
Damage: -49%
Hit Speed: +42%

According to that, I can say with absolute confidence that Witch will take back her places in decks.

So, the devs finally admitted their mistakes and this cann’t be rejoice, because now we know exactly that they are listening us, players, at least 🙂

The full text of announce you can find here.

Good luck!

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