Great all skeleton tactic: “Skeleton party”!

“Meet Larry and his friends Harry, Gerry, Terry, Mary, etc.”(c) Very funny and suitable description of Skeleton Army card from SuperCell devs team! As commonly known this card turns into small army that consists of 14 brave small skeleton. And as a rule, almost every Clash Royale player has this card in his deck because these brave small funny guys are good in defense against characters with a huge quantity of hitpoints (such as Prince, P.E.K.K.A., Giant, Golem etc.). Nevertheless, can they be useful in attack? Definitely yes!

In this post, I wanna to share one tactic that I call “Skeleton party” and where the whole attack is built around these white small bony guys!

About the tactic in general…

Let’s start from the battle deck building… So, except of Skeleton Army we need to add to the deck the next cards: Mirror, Clone, Rage, Goblin Barrel, Wizard and Baby Dragon. Here’s what this deck looks like:

Super skeletons deck

where Skeleton Army, Mirror, Clone and Rage are the main cards on which we will focus in attack (I’m sure that you’ve already caught the core :)) The rest of cards are for the defense mainly.

Now about the tactics… The idea of it lies in lightning attack by a huge crowd of skeletons (approximately 56) in the moment when the opponent has just spent all his elixir. Such count of units (56 of skeletons) we can received using the following cards alternately one after another: Skeleton Army, Mirror, Clone and Rage for the ending. Very simple formula like any formula from elementary mathematics 🙂

All skeletons tactic formula

Such not difficult combination requires only 12 drops of elixir what is not too much as for 4 cards in Clash Royale. Believe me, if to choose an appropriate time and manage to lay all these cards onto arena there is a big chance to destroy at least one opponent’s tower in a few seconds!

About appropriate moment…

Such tactic works great in the moment when the opponent spent all his stock of elixir. How can we know when he did it? Just observation and calculation 🙂 An example. We know that Giant and Balloon require 5 drops of elixir. Therefore, if the enemy put both of them onto arena simultaneously – his supplies of elixir become very low and we can try to make our attack! Believe me, a few second is more than enough to smash at least one enemy tower.

Here, in the video below you can watch a few such successful attacks in which I took the enemy by surprise.

About the cons of such tactic…

Every tactic has its own minuses and the “Skeleton party” isn’t exception. The hitpoints level of each separate skeleton is very low and according to this, the whole our army can be destroyed by only one shot of Arrows or by the few spins of Valkyrie or with the help of Poison… By the way, Fireball, Wizard and Baby Dragon aren’t able to stop all the crowd (it has been checked). Thus, the success of all tactic depends on opponent battle deck also 🙁

Frankly speaking, this tactic is more for the fun than for serious gameplay! But for why games are made for? To bring a pleasure for its gamers, isn’t it? 🙂

Good luck!
See you on the Clash Royale arenas!

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