Zappies are a good Royal Giant counter!


Zappies is relatively new card in Clash Royale that unlocks after promotion to Arena 11 “Electro Valley”. After its deploying into arena this card turns into three small Zap machines, which shoot at the enemies with a short electric beams causing damage and stun shock! An ability to hit both ground and air targets makes Zappies very attractive! In a word, Zappies is a good alternative for Electro Wizard for f2p players!

During the usage of this card, a very interesting detail was revealed… Zappies are able to stop Royal Giant with minimal losses to tower! This fact surprised me pleasantly because Royal Giant is one of the few cards that really annoys me in the Game! In one of my Classic Challenge battle was situation when 3 zap machines easily stopped Royal Giant (RG managed to make the only one shot!) that caused a huge surprise both for me and my opponent. Watch by yourself:

Zappies vs Royal Giant

Cool, isn’t it? Of course, maybe this is just such a coincidence, but in any case, these three little zap machines proved their ability to stop Royal Giant!

In addition… In deck with Zappies I use Ice Wizard and Tornado. These three cards makes very strong defensive combination, which is able to stop almost every opponent’s push with heavy troops!


For example, “Zappies – Ice Wiz – Tronado” combo easily stop “Lavaloon” or “Golem – Night Witch” combinations! All you need is to proper use them (deploy Zappies first near own tower, then Ice Wiz and finally use Tornado)!

Good luck!

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