How to win in Clash Royale. Advices for Newcomers

The more trophies you have – the higher is arena/league where you play! As a rule, all batman138 players try to collect as many trophies as possible and play on higher arenas/leagues. And this is understandable, since the chests on higher arenas contain more cards and gold which is necessary for cards upgrading. Most online casino games at FM카지노 are carefully crafted to be a pleasant experience for the senses. Basically, this post is three important advices for newcomers, which, I’m sure, will help to win more often in Clash Royale and increase the number of trophies…

At once, I want to say that everything written is just my subjective opinion and is based on my understanding of this game! So, let’s begin…

1. Form your deck correctly.

Remember, the deck must be balanced! What does it mean? It means that deck has to include different types of cards and cards of different elixir cost. In other words, deck has to include:

  • at least one spell (in the initial arenas one is enough);
  • at least one or two “cheap” cards (cards, the cost of which is 1-2 drops of elixir);
  • at least one troop that can attack towers directly (Miner or Goblin Barrel) or is a building targeted one (Hog Rider, Giant, etc.).
  • at least one troop which has an ability to cause area damage (Wizard, Baby Dragon, etc).
  • at least one building (for distraction of building targeted troops… otherwise they will attack towers);

Note: the last two points can be missed, because it’s possible to form a decent deck without building and area damage troop. But for newcomers and players with low experience I recommend to form decks according to all five main points. 

The main mistake of newcomers is that they form their decks with too many expensive cards in them (cards that cost 5 and more drops of elixir)… Such decks rotate slow and as a consequence appear situations when opponent attack tower and  there is nothing to respond since the elixir has not recovered yet in necessary amount (for deploying expensive troop). Exactly for such situation we need to have at least one cheap card in our deck! With proper use, such card can break fast opponent’s counter attack and save tower from destroying. In the picture below you can see one of very popular decks (Log Bait) played by many pros:

Log Bait deck

As you can see, the deck formed according to all 5 items from list above.

2. Play reasonably.

Don’t throw cards into arena somehow! Think! On initial arenas I’ve often met situation when players tried to stop my wizard by minions… The result of such useless move is minus three drops of elixir… Remember, the correct use of elixir is the key to victory! In other words, the victories in Clash Royale is obtained due to an advantage in elixir… For example, opponent deployed Minion Horde and Goblins on his part of arena (total cost 7 drops of elixir) and you responded with Wizard (5 drops of elixir), which destroyed all opponents troops. As a result you have on 2 drops of elixir more than your opponent has. And if you’re looking for a more thrilling game with real stakes, you can check out this bitcoin casino list. Because these websites are easily accessible to all of us via our electronic devices, you can use them whenever you want to play casino games online. You can also check out the casino Zeus en Argentina for more options of games.

By the way, that’s why I wrote earlier that the deck has include at least one an area damage troop… Because such troops (and spells) are the easiest way to get an advantage in elixir. A few excellent combinations, which allows relatively easy destroy group of opponent’s troops and get some advantage: Executioner+Tornado, Wizard+Tornado, Ice Wizard+Tornado…

3. Watch your opponent deck. Keep eye on your opponent moves.

This is another important moment that allows to get maximum benefits from own cards (or get an advantage in elixir). For example, you have Minion Horde in your deck and opponent all time eliminate them by arrows. Therefore don’t use them until opponent spend his arrows on something else! As soon as he did it – boldly deploy your Minion Horde! I always use such trick with Skeleton Barrel and Bats… If opponent spend his Zap (or Arrows) on Bats – I deploy Skeleton Barrel and vice versa. It works.

Now let’s summarize briefly… To get wins in Clash Royale we need: to form good balanced deck, play reasonably and watch our opponent deck.

Good luck!

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