Clone or Rage?

Clone vs Rage
Clone and Rage are spell type cards in Clash Royale that are focused on increasing of the attack power of the already placed on Arena troops. I’m sure that to have at least one of these cards in one of three available battle decks is necessary! Their cost is low (3 drops of elixir costs Clone and only 2 – Rage) but the benefit is high (in case of proper use)! The only nuance is that the Clone becomes available only after reaching the Arena 8 “Frozen Peak”.

As I’ve already written, both cards are aimed on the increasing of attack power of existing on the arena troops! The Rage increases troop movement and attack speed on 35% (duration is limited), the Clone – clones all your troops on the arena that are in the range of card action. Unlike the Rage which duration is limited, the cloned troops act until they would eliminated by opponents. The only minus is low level of hitpoints of the clones – only 1. Therefore, they could be destroyed from the first shot.

Clone vs Rage

If you have one of these two cards – there is no choice. Just add it to the deck and use with pleasure. However, what to do if there are both of them in your disposal? Which card to choose? As for me, I have chosen Clone, because I consider that this card is much more effective. Judge by yourself, the Rage has limited time of effect and increase attacking power only on 35%. At the same time, with the help Clone we double count of our troops! Moreover, the doubled troops have almost the same damage power as their prototypes and act until their elimination!

On the video below you can watch to one Clash Royale battle where I used Clone and my opponent actively used Rage:

The only thing is that both of these cards need to be used competently and in a proper time. Do not rush to throw them onto arena.  Wait for the good time and then make a spell, as in the in video.

Good luck!

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