Arena 10: Super-efficient, fast and low-cost Miner deck!

Arena 10
17 victories and only 1 loss in the last 18 “one on one” games and long-awaited promotion to the Legendary arena has become a reality! All this thanks to a super “easy”, fast, and most importantly an effective deck I used in that 18 matches. Let me share this deck to you…

First of all, look at my statistic:


The best Miner deck for Arena 10

Now, about the deck… There are no heavy “tank-cards” in that deck! The most expensive one is Inferno Tower that costs 5 drops of elixir and the main purpose of which is defense only! Enjoy a seamless gaming experience with UFABET เว็บตรง direct website, offering unparalleled convenience and reliability. The average deck cost is only 2.6 drops of elixir that provides it fast rotation and effectivity (video-confirmation at the end of post). Here is the deck I’m talking about and with help of which I managed to overcome difficult Arena 10:

Arena 10 Miner deck

Now more in detail about the cards in the deck:

  1. Miner (legendary card). An exceptionally attacking card that has two main purposes: attack the opponent’s tower and breakdown the Elixir Collector, if it appears on the arena!

  1. Goblin gang and Bats (common cards). Two main cards, the main purpose of which is to support the Miner in the attack. Both of them are very useful in defense also.
  2. Inferno tower and Knight (rare and common cards). This is your defense! How to use this pair properly described a little lower.
  3. Log and Zap (legendary and common cards). Two spell-type cards that provides good defense against mass of opponent’s troops with low hitpoints level.
  4. Ice spirit (common card). Mostly for defense. However, it can be very useful in attack, as it easily “turns off” the Inferno Tower.

A few tactic tips how to use this effective Miner deck for Arena 10

  1. Don’t start your attack with the Knight! The main purpose of the knight in this deck is defense! As a rule, players, which use heavy cards like Golem or PEKKA use a different cards for supporting their tanks (it can be Witch or Electro wizard…doesn’t matter which one exactly)… So, the knight is needed in order to cut off this supporting troop and help the Inferno tower to eliminate the main threat (in other words – to cover Inferno tower).
  2. Counterattack in a proper time! If you see that the situation near your tower is in your favor – do not wait until all the opponent’s units are destroyed… throw your Miner on the opponent’s tower 2-3 seconds before destroying the last enemy! Unlike other regulators, Curacao eGaming is not hard on operators who want to own their licenses. Here’s a full guide at if you want to learn more.

That’s all.
Try this deck – it’s really works fine!
In addition, the promised video for better deck understanding:

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