How to form the best Mortar deck and which cards are best for Mortar defense.

Mortar is one of the common type card in Clash Royale, which is underestimated by newbies and at the same time is highly regarded by many experienced players and pros. A card that costs only 4 drops of elixir can easy turn into a very serious threat to your opponent!  All that is needed for this is to correctly form a battle deck! And this post will help you to do this 🙂

In the Clash Royale community in Reddit social network, I’ve found very interesting picture that perfectly describes the main principles of Mortar deck building and describe which cards suits Mortar best of all! I decide to share this picture with you also and repost it here.

How to build Mortar deck

Note: link to the Clash Royale community in Reddit, where I got the picture.

So, if you carefully looked at the picture, you should notice that the main Mortar deck has an average elixir cost of only 2.9 drops and is formed from the common type cards mostly (the deck has only one rare and one legendary cards) that makes it available for all type of players.

Now let’s break down the scheme into parts:

Mortar cycle and variants.

Mortar deck building principles

Cards that are in a line is a main deck, which is recommended to play for beginners and players who just have started use mortar. 5 cards out of 8 in the deck aren’t recommended to replace for other ones and these cards are:

  1. Mortar. Actually the main card in the deck.
  2. Knight. Tank card. Or in other words, unit that has big stock of hitpoints and is effective both in defense and in attack.
  3. Archers. The main purpose is air defense or in other words to protect Mortar from all type of flying units.

  1. Ice Spirit. The low cost of this card (1 drop of elixir) makes it irreplaceable in such type decks.
  2. Log (the only legendary card in the main deck).This card is a “Ground Swarms controller” (or in other words, defense from the mass of opponent units with low hitpoints level such as Goblins, Skeleton Army, etc.).

The three remaining cards (Skeletons, Arrows and Rocket) can be changed only for the ones that are placed below them.

The main idea of such deck is to take opponent’s tower into a siege using Mortar as a main threat and all other cards as a guards of the Mortar. Low cost (2.9 drops of elixir only) and properly chosen cards allows effectively cause damage to the opponent’s tower step by step. From my experience I can say that Mortar is a very uncomfortable unit (that can’t be ignored) for almost everyone against whom it is used.

Therefore, very often, when you place mortar onto arena, your opponent starts get nervous and tries to eliminate it by all available troops as fast as possible. But a hurry isn’t the best friend in the Clash Royale, as it leads to errors 🙂

Best Mortar decks.

Best Mortar decks

As you can see from the picture above, the first four Mortar decks are recommended for beginners and players who are just starting to use Mortar card. The other three are for more advanced players who already know what to do 🙂

P.S. That’s all! I hope this post will help to form your unbeatable, fast and efficient Mortar deck in Clash Royale!
Good luck!

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