Arena 11: Excellent deck with Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel and Miner!


Mega Knight and Skeleton Barrel is an excellent combination of card in Clash Royale! The proper use of this pair of cards can help significantly increase trophy numbers and promote to higher arena. Using deck with Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel and Miner I’ve managed to relatively easily pass through Arena 11 and move to Legendary one! In this post, I will share the deck I used…

Good deck with Mega Knight and Miner

The average elixir cost of the deck is 3.5 drops that makes it possible to play without Elixir Collector. The deck meets all “classical” requirements, namely: the presence at least one building type card, the presence at least one spell type card and the presence of tank type card. You can see the deck I’m talking about on the picture below:


More about the cards in the deck:

  1. Miner (legendary card). Attacking unit, which has two main purposes: elimination of opponent’s Elixir Collector and attack of opponent’s towers.
  2. Mega Knight (legendary card). Universal and excellent card! Useful both in attack and in defense. Due to his jump damage ability very effective against mass of troops low hitpoints levels. Excellent in elimination of Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians and Three Musketeers…
  3. Goblin Gang and Bats (common ones). Cards for fast counter-attacks mainly. Nevertheless, are also useful in defense due to high effectiveness against tank type cards.

  1. Goblin Hut (rare one). The only building type card in the deck. Due to high rate of goblins spawn, this card is very useful in attack and defense in the same time. This card is one that cann’t be ignored by the opponent…
  2. Zap (common card). The only spell in the deck. Great Inferno Tower, Sparky and Inferno Dragon cooler!
  3. Skeleton Barrel (common one). This is the highlight of the deck. Many players don’t know how to counter it and begin to nervous when see it on arena. And as a consequence make mistakes that allows to get relatively easy victory.  Especially effective if opponent has only one spell in his deck.

Tactic tips for Mega Knight and Skeleton Barrel deck

  1. If you always begin to attack first, do not start attack with Mega Knight deploying. Hold it for appropriate moment and throw it directly onto the heads of attacking opponent’s troops. This allow to start own power counter-attack and destroy at least few of opponents troops at the same time.
  2. A few words about Skeleton Barrel… This card has death damage. So if opponent try to counter your barrel with Bats or Skeleton Army – don’t spend spell for eliminating them, because the barrel will do it by itself.
  3. Keep Skeleton Barrel card for an appropriate moment! Don’t throw it into attack alone! As a rule, such moment is a counter-attack after Mega Knight deploying.

That’s all! If you have Mega Knight, Miner and Skeleton Barrel in your disposal – try this deck! This really works well!
Good luck and see you on Clash Royale arenas!

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