Getting to “Challenger I” as a 10 lvl player is quite possible (deck, tactic tips, etc.)!

Challenger I

Just a few hours before the season endings I’ve managed to reach “Challenger I” league on my second account! In that account I am only a 10 level player and maximal level of rare cards in my deck is 7 (common ones – 10, except of bats). It was hard… Especially after I reached 3,900 of trophies, because I began to meet a lot of 11 and 12 level players, which had common cards of maximal level and rare cards of 10 level in their decks. It was very hard to play against maximal level Minion Horde with Arrows of 10 level… They don’t eliminate them 🙁

But, eventually I’ve managed to gather more than 4,000 of trophies and reached “Challenger I”! In this post I’ll share my deck and write a few tactic tips how to play with it…

Excellent deck with Mega Knight, Skeleton Barrel and Miner for Legendary arena

I’ll start from the deck description… I formed the deck in such a way that it would have at least one spell card and at least one building card… Among the spells I chose Arrows since it’s easier to cope with the Minions with them. Among the buildings, the choice fell on Goblin Hut, because Spear Goblins showed themselves as a good support for Mega Knight in attack! On the picture below, you can see my deck that helped me to reach “Challenger I” as a 10lvl player only:

Deck with Mega Knight, Skeletton Barrel and Miner

As you can see, the average cost of the deck is 3.6 drops of elixir that allow to play without Elixir Collector… Now a few words about cards in the deck:

  1. Miner. A card for attacking the opponent’s Towers, as well as eliminating the Elixir Collector, if opponent has installed it in the arena. Also, with the help of Miner we can block opponent’s Inferno Tower and cover Mega Knight in attack (how to do it I’ll write in separate post).
  2. Mega Knight. A very powerful card, with the help of which we can quickly stop opponent’s attack and begin our own one (due to his spawn damage ability)! In other words, Mega Knight is an excellent answer to lovers to play with Elite Barbarians, Three Musketeers and Hog Rider!

  1. Skeleton Barrel. A very good card of common type, which strongly binds the opponent! As soon as the opponent sees a barrel in your deck, he begins to keep it in mind and holds the spell for it. And this makes life easier for Goblin Gang and Bats as a consequence… If the opponent ignore Skeleton Barrel, he lose the game as a rule…
  2. Goblin Gang and Bats. Two cards that showed themselves very good both in defense and in attack! Miner and every one of these two cards make a very good counter-attacking combination!
  3. Mega Minion. Very effective card! Due to high hitpoints level and decent damage power, shows itself very well in defense as an eliminating tool for Balloon, Baby Dragon, Inferno Dragon, etc… Do not change this card for another one.
  4. Goblin Hut. The only building type card in the deck. Spear Goblins are very good support for Mega Knight in attack. Also this card is a very good opponent’s irritant, because cannot be ignored.
  5. Arrows. Among all spells cards I chose this one, due to its effectivity against Minion Horde and Minions, which are often found in the 12th arena …

A few words about tactic now…

Tactical tips or how to play Mega Knight and Skeleton Barrel deck in Arena 12

  1. Hold Miner for counter-attacks! For example, if you are successfully beating off an opponent’s attack near own tower with Goblin Gang and/or Bats, don’t wait until the last enemy troop would be destroyed – launch your miner directly to opponent’s tower a few seconds earlier of it! In this case, while your goblins and bats will reach the tower, it will be distracted by the miner. This will give more times for them to attack the tower relatively freely, as a consequence. It looks like this:

Miner counter-attack example

  1. Don’t launch Skeleton Barrel alone without any support! In such case the barrel is almost useless. Skeleton Barrel is such card which perfectly shows itself in tandem with other cards (for example Mega Knight, Miner, etc.).But in case of Miner, we need to take into account different speed of move of two cards (good time for Miner deploying is when the Skeleton Barrel is near the target) .

Mega Knigth and Skeleton Barrel

  1. With the help of Skeleton Barrel we can successfully defends from troops that attacks both air and ground targets (in case if other more appropriate cards aren’t available in that moment). For example, with the help of barrel we can defense against Inferno Dragon…

  1. If you like to start the battle and attack first, I advise you not to start own attack with Mega Knight deploying… Hold it for more effective and effective appearing onto arena, namely the reflection of enemy attack by dropping it onto the heads of the opponent’s attacking units … This will simultaneously repulse the attack and create a basis for own counter attack.
  2. Try to not deploy Mega Minion and Bats simultaneously onto arena until you know opponent’s deck. In such case you risk to miss counter-attack with Balloon, since you will not have cards that can stop it.

That’s all! Try this deck and tips and I’m sure you will also get to “Challenger I”!
And for the last thing, watch this short video of the one battle by this deck for better understanding how to play with it:

Good luck and see you on Clash Royale arenas!

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