P.E.K.K.A and Three Musketeers – both in one deck!

PEKKA and 3 Musketeers
As a rule, any Clash Royale player has at least one heavy card in his battle deck! It can be Golem or Giant or any other card the character of which has a huge stock of hitpoints or enormous damage power! But what if there will be two such cards in the deck? For example P.E.K.K.A and Three Musketeers? Can these two very expensive cards be in one deck? I became interested and decided to try…

And honestly I was pleasantly surprised because the combination of “PEKKA and Three Musketeers” works great in Clash Royale! The main thing is correctly to build a deck and properly to use the cards!

About the deck…

Given to the huge cost of PEKKA and Three Musketeers all other cards in a deck must be cheap. It’s an axiom. In other case, there could be a situation when you are under attack of gang of enemy units and you have two drops of elixir only but the nearest possible card requires 5 🙂  But if you have cheap cards – they can win the time and save your tower. Thus, I’ve formed the next deck:

PEKKA and Three Musketeers deck

A few words about the cards I’ve chosen.

  1. Zap (2 drops of elixir only) – great cheap card in Clash Royale! Works good against Skeleton Army, Goblins and other units with low hitpoints. Accordingly, it can be useful both in attack and in defense.
  2. Clone (3 drops). This is the “highlight” of such the deck 🙂 If you will manage to clone three musketeers in the moment of their attack on the tower – the tower is doomed.
  3. Archers, Spear Goblins and Goblin Gang (or Skeleton Army) (total cost is 8 drops) – for defense purposes mostly.

About the tactic…

The main thing of this combination is to place two these cards (PEKKA and Three Musketeers) onto arena simultaneously.  How to do it? Simple:

  1. Put PEKKA near the King’s Tower at the lowest part of the battlefield. This character has low speed of movement and as he reaches the bridge, we have almost 10 drops of elixir again.
  2. Put Three Musketeers behind PEKKA 🙂

Note: as every combination in the Clash Royale, this one has own minuses also… It’s vulnerable against Inferno Tower, Rocket, Fireball and Lighting.

On the video below, you can watch a few very good attack made by this combo:

Good luck and see you at the arenas Clash Royale!

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