Triple Elixir Challenge: win deck and tips!


Triple elixir challenge is my favorite challenge in Clash Royale because there is no need to think about elixir economy in this challenge (it recovers three time faster than usual). As a rule, I always manage to pass this challenge successfully and win necessary amount of battles to get maximal reward. A more exciting game I suggest you try is the ozwin casino online. In this post, I’ll share my win deck for triple elixir challenge and write a few useful tactic tips for this challenge…

A good deck with Mega Knight and Three Musketeers for triple elixir challenge

So, I’ll start from the deck… Given the crazy elixir recovering speed in this challenge, the deck can be safely formed with more than one heavy and expensive card in it. For myself, I decided to use Mega Knight and Three Musketeers as a main win condition… And, in advance, I will say that this combination has justified itself 100%…


In the picture below, a good win deck for the triple elixir challenge, which helped me to won two such challenges:


A few words about cards in the deck…

  1. Mega Knight and Three Musketeers. In a usual game mode, Mega Knight is more defense troop than attacking one… But not in the case of triple elixir challenge! Due to the fast elixir recovery speed, it is quite possible to deploy onto arena Mega Knight and Three Musketeers simultaneously and create a powerful attacking group!
  2. Inferno Dragon. The main tank killer in the deck. In case of proper use, Inferno Dragon can easily eliminate such heavy troops as Giant, PEKKA, Golem, etc…
  3. Goblin Gang. Universal card the main purposes of which are defense and support attack.

  1. In triple elixir challenge I recommend to use exactly this heavy spell, since lightning can easily eliminate three opponent’s troops simultaneously and give temporary advantage in battle (by the way, lightning is the best spell for Three Musketeers eliminating, which are very popular in this challenge)!
  2. Ice Golem. The main distraction card in the deck. Very often Ice Golem is underestimated by newbies… But many profies and advanced players appreciate this card highly and use it in many their decks…
  3. Executioner and Log. Executioner is one of the best defensive troop in Clash Royale! He’s great against of swarms of troops with low hitpoints level! In this deck Executioner in pair with Log are good swarms controlling tool!

Tactic tips how to play triple elixir challenge

I’d like to start from one little advice… Whatever deck you are going to use in triple elixir challenge, I strongly ask do not include Elixir Collector in it! It’s absolutely useless card in that challenge (it’s not concerns common gameplay)! However absurd it may sound, but I have met some players with the collector during the challenge…

A few other tips…

  1. If you have three Musketeers in your deck, the best place for their deploying is between own Princess Towers. In addition, deploy Goblin Gang in the same place after 3M, and you will get two strong attacking groups on both flanks simultaneously! Believe me, even experienced players have problems with repulsing of such attack! By the way, such trick works great even in common gameplay!


  1. Always evaluate situation and makes own moves according to it! For example, opponent is pushing you with Golem and decent support (witch, night witch, etc.) and your elixir level is low. Do not rush to deploy the first troop, for deploying of which you have enough of elixir… wait a second or two and deploy the most suitable troop for such situation. In triple elixir challenge, speed of elixir recovering is much higher than speed of golem moving!

  1. If you managed to destroy one opponent’s tower – attack the other one from different flanks simultaneously! With such attacks it becomes very difficult to defense!

That’s all!
Good luck and see you at Clash Royale arenas!

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